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"Attached is the required assignment for Statistics needed ASAP. Attached is my file. Thank you, Nela. Document Preview: Assignment 3: Problems Exercises In the exercises sections in the chapters, of your textbook, Statistics for Management and Economics, perform the following activities: ""Probability"": Exercises 6.75 and 6.81 ""Introduction to Estimation"": Exercises 10.11 and 10.14 ""Introduction to hypothesis testing"": Exercises 11.52 and 11.60 ""Inference about a population"": Exercises 12.73 – 12.85 in 8th edition and 12.74 – 12.59 in the 8th edition. Submit your answers in a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document and import any associated work in Microsoft Excel. ""Probability"": Exercises 6.75 and 6.81: Exercise 6.75 The U. S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gathers data concerning the causes of highway crashes where at least one fatality has occurred. The following probabilities were determined from the 1998 annual study (BAC is blood-alcohol content). P(BAC =0!Crash with fatality) = .616 P(BAC is between .01 and .09! Crash with fatality) = .300 P(BAC is greater than .09 ! Crash with fatality) = .084 Suppose that over a certain stretch of highway during a 1-year period, the probability of being involved in a crash that results in at least one fatality is .01. It has been estimated that 12% of the drivers on this highway drive while their BAC is greater than .09. Determine the probability of a crash with at least one fatality if a driver drives while legally intoxicated (BAC greater than .09). Exercise 6.81 Your favorite team is in the final playoffs. You have assigned a probability of 60% that they will win the championship. Past records indicate that when teams win the championship, they win the first game of the series 70% of the time. When they lose the series, they win the first game 25% of the time. The first game is over
your team has lost. What is the probability that they will win the series? ""Introduction to Estimation"": Exercises 10.11 and 10.14 Exercise 10.11 A random sample of 25 was drawn from a normal distribution whose standard... Attachments: Statistics-HW....docx Jul 31 2011 04:10 PM"


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