Leadership: Jack Welch


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Based on Jack Welch's Becoming a Leader, answer the following
Part one: Discussion One: Applying the Lessons
Question 1: Discuss Jack Welch's Eight Essential Rules.
Question 2: Which of the Eight Rules have you seen in action? Share concrete examples of how you have seen great leaders apply these rules.
Question 3: Focus on how leaders set the tone, get results, build teams, and establish strong values.
Question 4: How will you apply these rules in your workplace?
Question 5: How will your actions impact your people?
Part two: Discussion Two: Are You a Better Leader?
Question 1: What have you done to become a better leader? Share not only what you have done, but what your people have done.
Part three: Application Activity: Becoming a Leader Action Plan
Question 1: Choose the topic or area from this program that is most important to you and your team now and create an action plan around it.
Question 1: How will you put this topic into action?
Question 1: What will you and your team specifically do?
Question 1: What will success look like?
Question 1: What challenges do you anticipate?


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