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• Yum! Brands is the result of a spin-off by PepsiCo, where it sold its fast-food chains KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. Do you consider this spin-off successful? Why or why not? Explain.
o Evaluated the success of the spin-off by looking at the value created since the divestment, and whether PepsiCo is better or worse off as a result.
o Used information in the case and other online research to defend the position taken.
• Why is Yum! Brands so much more successful in China than in the U.S., its home country?
o Used information in the case and other online research to describe specific actions taken by Yum! Brands in China to help establish competitive advantage.
o Identified the type of strategy at Yum! Brands in China, using from Rothaermel Chapter 6 and other course readings.
o Contrasted this strategy with how Yum! Brands competes in the U.S. fast food industry.
• Why was Yum! Brands KFC so successful in China, while other U.S. fast-food companies - such as Pizza Hut (also owned by Yum!), McDonald's, and Burger King - were so much less successful?
o Applied Porter's Five Forces analysis to explain how Yum! Brands' strategy provides sustainable competitive advantage vs. other U.S. fast food companies.
o Used information in the case and other online research.
• Given Yum! Brands recent challenges in China, do you consider this to be a temporary problem, or a harbinger of losing its competitive advantage?
o Applied PESTEL or SWOT analysis to assess the recent immediate challenges described in the MiniCase.
o State whether these are temporary problems that can be ignored, or something that Yum! Brands must address.
o Recommend specific actions that should be taken by Yum! Brands to respond to these threats.
• What recommendations would you give David Novak, Yum! Brands' CEO, to overcome the company's current challenges in China?
o Used PESTEL or SWOT analysis from the previous question determine other threats to long-term competitive advantage in China
o Recommended other actions to defend and sustain competitive advantage, using information provided in Rothaermel Chapters 8 and 9.
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